Ongoing Natural Resource Management (NRM) Project

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Under Natural Resource Management, (NRM) (A CSR Projcet) ARHAAN FOUNDATION has carried out extensive work in Soil and Water Conservation, Agricultural Research & Extension, Animal Husbandry, Diversified Agriculture, Capacity Building etc. For these various categories we have been implementing several flagship theme based projects like: WADI - Organic and Non Organic WADI (Orchard Development on uncultivable land and providing  beneficiaries the [...]

Monitoring & evaluation, impact assessment and baseline surveys

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Monitoring & evaluation, impact assessment and baseline surveys ARHAAN FOUNDATION undertakes various types of monitoring & evaluation, impact assessment, baseline surveys, and need based assessments etc. Some of the major studies that has been carried out so far by ARHAAN FOUNDATION pertain to NREGA, tribal relocation from core tiger reserves, baseline surveys under [...]

Welcome To Arhaan Foundation

For more than 15 years, Arhaan Foundation been protecting future of youth & women; The India’s leading skilling organization, We works in around 25 states and supported by 100 partners in Bihar and Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh and close to 250 around India

We Promise at Arhaan Foundation

ARHAAN FOUNDATION is known for its creativity, enthusiasm, and intelligence by serving each participant with respect, giving them individual attention, and treating them with unconditional positive regard. It’s an expert in its field and uses its knowledge to help participant excel
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