Social Welfare Projects | Arhaan Foundation

Arhaan Foundation offers “5 R’s  Strategy – A Comprehensive CSR Solution” to meet the CSR needs of Corporates, both Public and Private, in accordance with the CSR rules 2014 under section 135 of the ‘Companies Act 2013’ notified by The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India on 27th February 2014.

It involves:

1. Right Concept – We identify correct intervention for right target groups (beneficiaries) so that the marginal benefits derived among all stakeholders is maximized.

2. Right Programme –We design precise schemes for identified interventions most suited to the needs of target groups so that the ‘Net Social Benefit’ is maximized.

3. Right Implementation – We draw robust implementation strategy for achieving the desired objectives of the interventions in a given time frame.

4. Right Evaluation – We chart out suitable methodology and encourage measurement of impact and evaluation of outcomes of implemented programmes through independent (third party) institutions of repute.

5. Right Communication – We design a complete communication strategy for wider dissemination of information on CSR interventions among all stakeholders to establish your organization as a “Socially Responsible Entity”.

Our 15 years of experience in Development Sector involving 21 Thematic Areas for more than 150 projects and presence in more than 11 states (set to expand in more states) with over 60 dedicated CSR research center enables us better to make a difference to your ‘Responsible Business’ through CSR.

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