Under Natural Resource Management, (NRM) (A CSR Projcet) ARHAAN FOUNDATION has carried out extensive work in Soil and Water Conservation, Agricultural Research & Extension, Animal Husbandry, Diversified Agriculture, Capacity Building etc. For these various categories we have been implementing several flagship theme based projects like:

WADI – Organic and Non Organic WADI (Orchard Development on uncultivable land and providing  beneficiaries the basic knowledge and advantages of orchard farming, providing organic manures, organic fertilizers, organic certification, identifying viable & sustainable micro enterprises).  ARHAAN FOUNDATION is currently implementing 19 WADIs funded by NABARD in 5 states covering over 17,520 tribal families in more than 500 villages. The total area covered under ARHAAN FOUNDATION WADI programme is around 8,265 hectare (20,478 acres) covering more than 19,441 families until now. (20,478 acres under diversified agriculture which includes horticulture, fisheries, agro forestry, olericulture, floriculture and apiculture till date).  

Watershed (Creating structures to arrest soil erosion, creating water harvesting structures, water resource development, pasture land development, forming user’s associations, increasing ground water level, Capacity Building of farmers, Bank Linkages in post project period). ARHAAN FOUNDATION implements various watershed projects with an objective to increase cropping intensity and productions in both rainfed and partial irrigated situations; Reduced threat of drought to both crops and livestock; Increased ground water recharge – enhancing water use potential; decline in downstream sedimentation – increase in flow rates and volume of the stream networks and improved moisture regimes; Change in livestock system dynamics – improved fodder quality and availability leading to change in herd size, quality and composition; Increased opportunities for short term, medium term and long term on and off-farm employment. Total area covered under watershed programme is 1,16,636 hectares covering about 17 lakhs beneficiaries till date. 

Agricultural Research and Extension (Seed Multiplication Programme, Crop research through Participatory Varietal Selection (PVS) and Participatory Plant Breeding (PPB),  and Client Oriented Breeding (COB), ARHAAN FOUNDATION has produced officially released and recommended varieties that are highly adapted to the needs of farmers in marginal areas like Ashoka 200F (BVD 109), Ashoka 228 (BVD 110), etc. ARHAAN FOUNDATION has covered around 34,047 hectares of land under agricultural research and extension till now.

Animal Husbandry (Health Camps for mulching animals); Animal husbandry is an important component of most of the projects that ARHAAN FOUNDATION implements. It helps the beneficiary families to generate a stable income on sustainable basis. An important aspect of animal husbandry programme is that it engages the household women, and the income from mulching animals gives the women a certain amount of independence to carry out household expenses. Since its inception, ARHAAN FOUNDATION has organised 1,311 veterinary health camps covering 2.28 lakh milch animals. It has also distributed more than 94,000 chick-lets and 5,800 goats to the tribal families of rainfed regions