Social Enterprises Projects | Arhaan Foundation

Arhaan foundation sees social entrepreneurship as the process of bringing about social change on a major scale. Social entrepreneurs function as the agents of change, questioning the status, grabbing the new yet overlooked opportunities, and changing the world for the better. They recognize when a section of the society is stuck and offer innovative ways to break out of its stagnant state. They detect resources while others see problems. They consider the affected people as part of the solution and not as passive beneficiaries. Arhaan Foundation’s long association of working with the marginalized communities has made it to realize that social entrepreneurship is quietly revolutionizing the less privileged sections of India. Just as entrepreneurs change the face of the business, social entrepreneurs’ act as the change agents for the society, seizing the opportunities which others miss and improving systems, inventing new approaches, and creating solutions to change society for better.

A drive by foundation for initiating and promoting social entrepreneurship has been a rare and yet a very apt innovation in social sector, which could be a feather in the cap for espousing farmers’ cause in the most business savvy way. There are a large number of intelligent people in rural areas having good business sense and understanding of the local dynamics, but are unable to scale up their activities for want of capital and their inability to take benefit of existing funding schemes of government and funding agencies like NABARD. Therefore, by promoting social entrepreneurship, Foundation is not attempting to do something that has not been done before; government and NABARD like agencies already have such schemes for promoting entrepreneurship. Our aims to innovate is to tap the right persons, involve farmers and identify successful business models by aligning interests of all stakeholders in such a way that their gains are directly related to success of the project.

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