Solar Power Project | Arhaan Foundation

Arhaan Foundation works to facilitate India’s transition to a cleaner energy future by aiding the design and implementation of policies that promote clean power, energy efficiency, sustainable transport, climate policy and clean energy finance.

The initiative envisages harnessing renewable energies through solar equipment for lighting and household utilities. So far 1000 rural households have accessed the technologies lighting their homes, lessening carbon foot print. The project is being operated in entire Northern states of India  with the partnership of small NGOs.

Through the “Gram Energy” initiative, The Green “I” Initiative Foundation has designed a Green Village Program to adopt a needy school or backward village of India. This Village / Rural School adoption project is undertaken through the CSR funding of corporate who are really interested in promoting more use of renewable technologies to fulfill the energy requirement of villagers.

Any organization through its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or social initiatives would like to see its efforts making some real impact. Initiatives which are innovative and can set examples for other organizations to follow in achieving long term benefits, as well as sustainable inclusive growth for those who are in need.

So at initiative, The Green “I” Initiative Foundation (previously known as The Green India Initiative) we do detailed research on energy consumption as well as financial background of villagers or school children from the school of poor village of India. GramEnergy is design to facilitate the clean and green energy solutions to beneficiaries from villages which can be sustainable projects to all. Through these initiatives we can channelize the corporate, NGOs, Villagers, Schools & Social entrepreneurs which can lead to the future of “Green India”.

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